Welcome to My Technical Musings!

Hi, my name is Chuck Grindel. I created this website to share my learnings about BazelSwiftvim, and other exciting technologies. Most of the articles will be how-tos and tips based upon my open-source projects and contributions. However, I may add a post here and there about my other passion, aviation. I hope that you find my articles interesting and helpful.

Head shot of Chuck Grindel

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I have made a career specializing in new product development for early-stage companies and startup teams at large corporations. As a certified Scrum Master, I have helped organizations adopt Agile/Scrum project management processes. As a hands-on technical lead, I have worked as a full-stack developer implementing web frontends, robust middleware layers, and highly scalable database backends.

Recent Projects


Bazel rules that integrate external Swift packages built by Swift Package Manager into projects that use rules_swift.


A collection of Swift modules that are useful for the development and testing of Swift projects.


After moving to Colorado, I was fortunate enough to pursue my other passion in life, aviation. I achieved my private pilot certificate. Now, I look for opportunities that allow me to bring two of my favorite things together.

Chuck in the cockpit of a Cessna 172
Chuck Right Before His Solo Flight
A Cessna 172 on Final
Chuck Performing His First Solo Landing